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The purchaser is bound to inspect the condition of the packaging of the goods upon delivery. In the event that an order is received and there is a discrepancy as to a missing item, a claim must be submitted within one week, (7 days) of physical receipt. In the event that a product is received in unusable condition, for reasons other than extremes of temperature, a claim must be submitted within 1 week, (7 days), after physical receipt of merchandise. Please note that we do our best to pack your order in such a way that damage should not occur in transit. In the event that your item has been damaged we will do our best to remedy the situation, however certain items such as Cookies and Potato chips are a high risk item and cannot be changed/refunded to due to damage in transit by a external courier company over which we have no control.

** Should your item arrive damaged please do not dispose of the item before contacting us as we may require photographic proof of any damage in order to make a claim for the damages! **


In the unlikely event that you may wish to return any product our terms are that We will refund the cost of all merchandise received in unopened and undamaged condition, however, we will not refund the cost of shipping unless agreed otherwise. Sorry, no returns are accepted without prior approval and no returns after 7 days of receipt. All returned merchandise must be shipped by the customer and this postage cost is not refundable unless agreed otherwise. Due to health regulations, we are not able to accept any food based merchandise where original packaging is not FULLY intact.

All returns must be sent to:
Nelly's Sweet Treats,
65, High Street,

Hot Weather

We store our chocolate products in temperature controlled units during spells of hot weather in order to keep these products in good condition. However once shipped we are unable to control the temperature that the goods at shipped at and therefore we are unable to take responsibility for items that, once delivered, turn out to have suffered any type of heat damage. If in doubt about a product's perishability, we strongly encourage you to contact us prior to placing your order. If you would like us to wait until cooler weather before we dispatch, please let us know and we will process your order accordingly


We are obliged to show the VAT, (Value Added Tax, currently 20%), figure on applicable products when you checkout. This VAT is already incorporated into the price of your item. You will notice that when you check out you will be quoted the price of the item with and without VAT as applicable. This is shown separately for our accounting use only.

**You will not be charged any additional VAT on any item in your shopping basket. Any VAT figure has already been included in your items price!**

Privacy Policy

Nelly's Sweet Treats will never sell our email lists or use them for spamming. When you give us your email address, it will only be used to notify you of our specials or for ordering purposes. The same goes for any other personal information you may give us. Please note that as we use WorldPay as online payment processor, we never at any time have any access to your credit card information. This information is held centrally by the payment processor. If you have any questions/comments about privacy, you should email us on info@nellyssweettreats.com

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's)

In light of recent media interest in Genetically Modified Foods, our suppliers have contacted their suppliers and manufacturers in the USA to confirm the current status. To date, replies received would indicate that that the matter is very much in hand, with most of the manufacturers being fully aware of the situation, and any GMO Maize and/or Soya ingredients are being withdrawn from future production if and where necessary. However, due to scientific research on cross-pollination, it is almost impossible to guarantee that all products are free from GMO's. Our suppliers are aware of EU Regulation 11396/98 and are currently in the process of labelling all new and future stock accordingly. This regulation does not apply to additives. We do supply some products that contain GMO's. These products have a GMO logo next to them, for your convenience. We will mention on the product listing if the product does contain any GM ingredients.